ANDRAS is the Web Developer who designs and improves authentic websites

laptop, tablet and a phone on a table

I am the Web Developer who designs and improves functional websites

In this digital age when people tend to spend more time using the internet than watching TV, having a website for individuals and companies is elementary.

Your website acts as your online shop window; millions of people can see it daily, therefore it must be well-designed, interesting, working well on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops as well.

Designing your website is very important, for most of your future customers will decide in seconds whether they are interested in you, in your service or in your product.

Web Development

I offer you web development using native HTML with CSS and JavaScript or using CMR systems like WIX or WordPress.

In case of a new website

Tell me what you like (and what not). Do you have an existing marketing plan or need one? Do you have own branding or need one? I will create a 100% personalized plan just for you. It makes sure you get all the requirements do you need!

In case of existing website

As a first step I review the entire site and audit it. Based on the result of the audit I will make a tailored recommendation.

I will improve your SEO and your entire online presence.

What my customers said:

"It is great having you as part of the team and thanks so much for all your hard work so far.
We really appreciate everything you do for Amnesty's human rights work, without your efforts, we would not be able raise the funds and support the work that we do."
"Andras consistently delivers work to the highest level and has assisted with the conception and expansion of Exceptional Individuals online services, a comprehensive referral platform to help support and engage neurodivergent people to find meaningful work, Andras has been a significantly positive member of the team, and his work ethic inspires others to perform work to the same level.
Andras works just as well on initiative, always reaching deadlines and targets in addition to coming up with original answers to any problem may arise.
Lastly, Andras is an ethusiastic and open-minded learner and responds positively to constructive feedback. I considered myself privileged to have worked beside him on the digital, data and financial areas of the organisation. I have no doubt Andras will add value to all future employment."
"You are an amazing volunteer! Thank you for everything. We will always be thankful for having a volunteer like you! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and genuine interest and dedication in assisting us in creating our website. Choosing to work for us as a volunteer, you have proven that your time and talents both are priceless. Without you, we couldn't have improved our website to the standard you have."

Select an option below:



(TBC) per hour

  • for existing small websites
  • maintain the website
  • update content
  • upload blogs



(TBC) per day

  • for bigger websites
  • constant updating
  • monitoring performance
  • improving SEO



(TBC) per project

  • if you have existing budget
  • if you have a project
  • if you have special idea
  • if you offer me employment